Fraud warning


There is now unfortunately an increasing number of people who make fraudulent attempts on the internet, email or telephone. They try to make you pay money for products which suppose to be sold and shipped by Compadvance Ltd.


- Please mind we would never ask you to pay through any money transfers services like Western Union, Money Gram ECT.

- When you are placing order online, please make sure there is a "GREEN PADLOCK" icon in your browser once you get into the shopping basket. This indicates encrypted and secured connection. Please click on the icon itself to check if there is a valid SSL cerificate for verifiied by GeoTrust Inc which would confirm authenticity.

- If you have received proforma invoice or any type of payment requests in name of our company, please call 01776859111 for verification.

- We just found those adds made on Bulgarian portal - these are most common forged adds . Please be assured , we are not selling through any other portals. Our legitimate product listings are only available on or in our ebay store . All other listings might be forged. 

- If you received any of those or similar ducuments bellow, please DO NOT PAY. Contact us to get things confirmed and report it to the Police. If you follow further instructions provided by the person you dealt with you might become a victim of fraud.