Approved selection

Approved Selection Stringent Checklist

  • Internal and External check on hardware
  • Hardware dust removal
  • Cosmetic Evaluation
  • Power check to prevent DOA’s
  • Data Wiping (Certificate provided)
  • BIOS Reset to factory Standard
  • CD/DVD/DVDRW Check
  • Screen Pixel Check
  • Software check
  • New Image can be installed if required
  • Packaged and boxed correctly including internal foam packaging
  • Approved Selection certificate and Stamp

Approved Selection is quality refurbishment program. As a result these models are in excellent condition and are rarely discernible from new products. Like previous generation models, refurbished products are also delivered with a standard guarantee of 1 year,  up to 5 years extendable. Once considered an alternative means of cutting IT costs, buying used hardware is now a viable option for meeting IT budgets. Not only can customers continue to buy preferred hardware models but they can also save up to 60% off the price of new equipment without affecting the quality of the product implemented.