Why do I need to reserve the item?
Clearance stock is very limited and updated daily, therefore it might be already sold out or reserved. To avoid any misunderstandings, we wont allow to make the payment unless we hold the item for you.

What happen after reservation?
Once you submit your reservation form, we will do our best to allocate this unit for you,
Once allocated you will receive the email confirmation with the link which would allow you to add this product to your basket.
Link will be valid for 24hours only.
Please mind that receiving email confirmation doesn't means that the item is exclusively yours, there might be some more buyers who willing to buy the same item.
The clearance stock is very limited therfore making a payment as soon as possible is crucial. Only fastest buyers will be able to complete the transaction, our system wont allow payments to be done when the item is sold out.

What if reserved item has been sold out?
We will keep an eye on all the reserved items for the next 2 weeks as they might become available very shortly. If this happen, you will receive a confirmation link as previously. All you need to do is add it to your basket and proceed with checkout as quick as possible.