Rack Consoles



ATEN CL1000M LCD 431.8 mm (17 ") 1280 x 1024 pixels 480 x 534 x 44 mm 12300 g 0 - 50 °C 43.18 cm (17 ") LCD Console (USB - PS/2 VGA) New Free shipping available


  • Exclusive LED illumination light - designed by ATEN to illuminate the keyboard and touchpad to allow visibility in lowlight conditions
  • Integrated KVM console with 17-inch LED-backlit LCD monitor in a Slideaway housing
  • Available with or without Fingerprint Identification Reader
  • Space saving technology - up to two consoles (one bus) control up to 8 or 16 computers
  • Daisy-chain up to 31 additional units - control up to 256 (CL5708) or 512 (CL5716) computers from a single console. (With compatible KVM Swithces: ACS1208A, ACS1216A, CS1708A, CS1716A)
  • Dual Interface -supports computers and console with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice
  • LCD module USB port allows each computer to access USB peripherals
  • LCD module rotates up to 115 degrees for a more comfortable viewing angle
  • Multiplatform support - Windows, Linux, Mac, and Sun
  • Supports multimedia USB keyboards for PC, Mac and Sun
  • Auto PS/2 and USB interface detection
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation (PS/2 and USB) for smooth switch
  • New
  • Free shipping available

ATEN 17" 8-Port

  • Integrated KVM console with 17 inch LCD monitor in a Dual Rail housing
  • A single console controls up to 8 computers
  • Daisy chain up to 15 additional KVM switches to control up to 128 computers
  • One bus for remote KVM over IP access
  • Space-Saving RJ-45 connectors and Cat 5e/6 cabling
  • KVM adaptor cables designed with automatic conversion to allow flexible interface combinations (PS/2, USB, Sun and serial) to control all computer types
  • Extra console port - manage computers in the LCD KVM switch from an external console (monitor, USB or PS/2 keyboard, and USB or PS/2 mouse)
  • Multiplatform support: PC, Mac, Sun and serial
  • Supports external USB mouse
  • Dual Rail housing is slightly less than 1U with top and bottom clearance for smooth operation in 1U of rack space
  • Dual Rail - LCD monitor slides independently of the keyboard/touchpad
  • LCD module rotates up to 120 degrees for a more comfortable viewing angle
  • Console lock - enables the console drawer to remain securely locked aw
  • New
  • Free shipping available